Course Information

Who can participate?

While the course is designed to train undergraduate and graduate students in practical field skills for a variety of archaeological contexts, other individuals are welcome to participate. We encourage social studies teachers in need of additional graduate hours and motivated high school students (16 and up, please) to apply via our Application page. Additionally, we are always excited and grateful to have volunteers and visitors interested in our project.

What can I get out of the course?

ASU’s Fort Massachusetts Field School program is a 6 credit hour course, for either undergraduate or graduate credit in history or anthropology. Our program offers a comprehensive, personalized foundation in archaeological techniques, applicable to a broad range of prehistoric and historical archaeology sites.

How much does it cost?

For all six credit hours, the student pays just $800. All necessary equipment for field work will be provided, but students must provide their own food and camping gear for on-site lodging.

When is the field school?

The course will consist of three 10-day sessions, with two 4-day breaks in between. Mark your calendars for:

6/19 through 6/28
7/03 through 7/12
7/17 through 7/26

For students from the area/state, these breaks may be used to run home, replenish laundry, take a real shower, and sleep in a real bed. For students from out-of-state, these breaks are typically used for sight-seeing around the San Luis Valley and into northern New Mexico. A field trip to a major local archaeological site, like Chaco Canyon, NM, is usually planned for the second break, and is open to any student who wants to participate.

Do I need to worry about prerequisites?

Not at all! An introductory course in anthropology, archaeology, survey, and/or a familiarity with the American west would be helpful, but the director and staff will work with each student according to their needs and background.

How is this course graded?

A standard A-F grade scale will be used by the director and staff to evaluate students on their ability to master practical and technological excavation skills, and their ability to articulate their appropriate use. Graduate students will be evaluated 90% on the same standards as undergraduate students, and 10% on an additional required paper due August 31, 2016. More detailed grading information will be provided upon arrival at the field school site. For further information, please email or with questions.