What former students have had to say:


William Allen, Adams State College


††††††††††† I could have taken any of a number of summer classes to fill my history requirements, but Iím very glad I decided to go to the field school.I learned more in 30 days than I have in an entire semester of almost every other class Iíve taken.I donít think you will find another class or field school that presents you with such a wide variety of experiences.I got to spin yarn, pour bullets, blacksmith, fire a cannon, and use all sorts of technology.Come with a good attitude and a willingness to get dirty, and you will have a wonderful experience.


Amanda Wynne, Cambridge University, England


††††††††††† The fort Garland Field School has been an amazing experience.Itís the first time I have visited America, and I found the field school to be well organized and welcoming.The archaeological work has included trash middens, to buildings, to a 27-food deep well, and the ďextracurricularĒ activities have been just as interesting.From rock climbing to rodeo, there has always been something going on.I totally recommend the field school, as students are genuinely involved in all stages of the excavation and also able to take part in discussion groups focused on theory.To those with archaeological experience, the field school gives a fresh perspective, and for those who donít know anything about archaeology, come and learn!


Liz Keyser,Boston College


††††††††††† I had an awesome experience at the field school.I learned everything I hoped to in terms of archaeology.The staff was great and they made the working experience really fun.


Casey Huegel, Grand Valley State University


††††††††††† Fort Garland was and incredible experience.You learn so much, and you get an opportunity to try a diverse amount of skills involved in archaeology.The staff is very informative and easy to talk to about anything.Outside of archaeology, you have the chance to do and see many things.Chaco canyon is a great example.I could not have picked a better field school.


Mary Beth Held, West Virginia University


††††††††††† This was a fantastic exposure to archaeology.I gained archaeology, anthropology, and historical knowledge.The field school was a great balance of technique and technological skill building.The field school also did a great job in creating a fun and comfortable atmosphere for the students.



Esteban Salazar, Adams State College


††††††††††† The school as a whole was well rounded, allowing students the opportunity of observe, learn, and ultimately participate in historical archaeology.I learned how to collect and document artifacts as well as mapping skills.Troweling and mapping techniques were presented and used daily as essential skills of archaeology.My knowledge has greatly increased as a result of my experience here at Fort Garland.


Tiffany Meyer, University of Evansville


††††††††††† My time here was awesome for the most part.I did have some bad days, but I feel like those times really challenged me and helped me learn more about myself and what I am really capable of doing.I am so glad that I took the chance in coming here.I learned a lot and feel I have really grown as a person.Plus, the people here were just so awesome.I am glad to have met them all.


Ryann Davis, Downers Grove North High School


††††††††††† This field school is worth every penny and more.I learned do much about the Civil War that I canít wait to go to college.ďGĒ (Dr. Goddard) is an amazing teacher and teaches in ways that everyone can understand.The staff really knows their stuff, and they have fun.This field school made me realize that archaeology is life, and anyone can do it.It really opens your eyes to all the things you could learn on a daily basis.If you think you might be interested in history or archaeology, you should be here!Canít wait to come back next year!


Michael Kennedy, Adelphi University


††††††††††† At the end of the day, this place is basically archaeology summer camp.It is all about hard work and good times.