Historical Reenactment and Living History

There are many active historical reenactment and living history groups in the region. These often amateur historians take their work very seriously, and offer a more complete understanding of the cultural aspects of daily life in the area and on the fort itself. While reenactment involves the restaging of specific events, living history aims to give an immersive cultural understanding of similarities and differences between then and now.

We have been very lucky to have some of these extraordinary historians share their expertise with field school students. Whenever possible, these will be hands-on demonstrations, and may include:

  • Loading and firing of Civil War era cannons
  • Cavalry equipment, weapons, and tactics
  • Infantry equipment, weapons, and tactics
  • Period food and cooking techniques
  • Military uniforms and fort culture
  • Civilian dress for both men and women
  • Blacksmithing
  • Local Hispanic culture
  • Flint knapping
  • Local folklore
  • Victorian domestic arts