United State History Emphasis

The History, Anthropology, Philosophy, Political Science, Spanish (HAPPSS) Department offers a Master of Arts in Humanities with an emphasis in United States history. The goals of the United States history program are to satisfy students’ desires for additional directed study of United States history, to assist teachers in meeting highly qualified status under NCLB, and to provide access for students to earn an M.A. degree before going on to doctoral studies. All professors in this program hold Ph.D.s and are committed to developing and encouraging students to achieve their academic potential. The degree is delivered using a mixture of face-to-face and Internet courses.

Required​ Courses​:

  • H​IST 500 Historiography & Historical Methods 
  • HIST 591 Thesis
Context and Content (24 hours from the following menus in selected in consultation with dept. chair)
  • HIST 501 State History 
  • HIST 505 American West 
  • HIST 516 Amer. Rev. & Federalist Era 
  • HIST 517 Alexander Hamilton’s America 
  • HIST 520 Topics in World History 
  • HIST 526 U. S. in Age of World Wars 
  • HIST 521 Women and Politics in 20th Century America 
  • HIST 530 Topics in Historical Geography 
  • HIST 531 Early Modern Europe 
  • HIST 536 Religion in United States History 
  • HIST 538 American Indian History 
  • HIST 560 Cultural Geography 
  • HIST 563 Civil War & Reconstruction 
  • HIST 566 Western Political Theory 
  • HIST 567 Topics in Political Theory 
  • HIST 568 U. S.-Latin American Relations 
  • HIST 569 African American Civil Rights HIST 570 Readings in United States History 
  • HIST 572 Amazing Grace: How Writers Helped End American Slavery 
  • HIST 579 Special Topics 
  • HIST 590 History Practicum 
  • HIST 593 Professional Development Transfer