MA with emphasis in Public Administration

photo - professionals in a meeting

The Department of History, Anthropology, Philosophy, Political Science, Spanish (HAPPSS) at Adams State University now offers a 36 hour master’s degree program in Public Administration. This is a fully online degree designed for professionals who are already working in the public and non-profit sectors or pre-professionals who want to start a career in public service. The program mixes skills based coursework with real practical experience working in public agencies. It will prepare its graduates to work in positions in the federal, state, and local government as well as non-profit organizations.

Program Highlights

The degree is delivered through semester based, interactive, online courses. The program, which can be completed in 2 years, is designed to for students who are also working full time. This MA degree can lead to career advancement for and public servants who want to move into management positions. It will also provide the skill development necessary for public managers to do their jobs more effectively.

Program Goals

  • Provide a high quality, low cost, master’s degree focusing on public administration. 
  • Provide students with maximum flexibility through use of fully online delivery. 
  • Employ a curriculum that mixes skills based course work with real practical experiences. 
  • Prepare pre-professional students with the skills to enter the public service
  • Provide professionals already working in public administration with the skills to advance their careers.