MS in Applied Sport Psychology (on campus)

The on campus MS in Applied Sport Psychology at Adams State is a 36-credit program that offers a wide range of courses and practical experiences in order to provide students the knowledge and skills necessary to become a sport psychology professional. All courses are offered on campus, which allows for the student to get mentoring and out of class applied experience on campus and in the community. Students can complete the program in two years, which includes all coursework, internships and thesis.

The MS in Applied Sport Psychology at Adams State has a strong focus on applied sport psychology and using a scientist-practitioner model that involves an identification of the reciprocal relationships among theory, research, and interventions/practice.

This master’s degree allows you work towards attaining the Certified Consultant status with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, which is the top certification in the field.

This master’s degree provides you the opportunity to gain applied experience and to conduct research.

This program is ideal for students who want to pursue a variety of careers in: sport psychology, coaching, athletic performance, military, fitness, health & wellness, recreation, business and many others.

If you have questions about the HPPE program or the emphasis in Applied Sport Psychology, contact:

Brian Zuleger
Assistant Professor Sport Psychology
Human Performance and Physical Education