Guidelines for Proposals for
Focused Academic Programs

Porter Scholars in good standing are eligible to apply for support to participate in Focused Academic Programs, which will significantly enrich the undergraduate experience.

Applicants should realize that application for support for any Focused Academic Program, whether a specialized class offering or an individualized activity, is competitive and requires that a written proposal for support be submitted to the Porter Scholars Committee. Furthermore, all Focused Academic Programs must carry academic credit in either science or mathematics. This can be credit earned at Adams State for on- or off-campus programs directly supervised or taught by ASU faculty, or credit bearing courses at another institution that can be transferred to ASU.

Proposals Must Include:

  1. A complete description of the activity proposed for support, and the institution at which the activity will be offered.
  2. A complete proposed budget of all costs associated with the proposed activity.
  3. A description of how, specifically, the proposed activity will enhance and contribute to their declared major.

While there is no formal deadline for submission, proposals must be submitted to the Porter Scholars Committee a minimum of two months in advance of the beginning of the proposed activity. Proposals may be submitted to Dr. Benita Brink, Chair of the Porter Scholars Committee.