Graduate Teacher Education FAQ's

I just completed my online application. Now what?

  • Your application will be processed by the Graduate School who will then forward notification of your application to Graduate Teacher Education(GTED). You will send your Application Documents to the address listed on the bottom of that page. When we receive your information at the GTED office, you will receive an email indicating the receipt of your information and reminding you of any remaining items needed to complete your application. Once complete, your application materials are then reviewed by the graduate program coordinator with support from the faculty. You will then receive a letter indicating the status of your application. This process can take 4-7 working days to complete. As your first semester nears, you will be sent information via email instructing you about online registration for classes, lists of required textbooks, etc.

When is the deadline for admissions?

  • Summer cohort applications are due March 15th
  • Fall cohort applications are due April 15th

What are the requirements for application?

Is there a form required with the letters of recommendation?

  • No, there is no standard form required; however, all letters should be current and on letterhead.

When do the programs start?

  • The Education Leadership program starts in the summer. The Culturally and Linguistically Diverse, Curriculum & Instruction, and Reading Teacher programs start in the fall. However, there must be a minimum of 15 accepted applicants to form a cohort.

What is the cost of classes?

Will I qualify for Financial Aid?

  • To be eligible for financial aid a candidate needs to be in a degree-seeking program with at least half-time enrollment. For graduate candidates, that is 3 credit hours.

How many credits are needed to complete a program and how long does it take to complete?

  • Each program has it's own credit requirements. The number of credits is also based on whether you are getting a masters or an endorsement only. Please click on the link below to select your program. Then you can click on the Degree Plan to see the courses required to complete your selected program and the number of credits required.

How do I access my classes?

  • Once you have been accepted into a cohort, you will be issued your SID number (this is your 900 number) and a token ID from the Graduate School. A token ID is a temporary code used to set up your password. Using your user name and this password, you will access your classes through Blackboard on the portal page of Adams State website. ( The Blackboard Course Access link is in the middle column.

Do you accept transfer credits?

  • Yes, you may transfer up to 6 credit hours.

How do I go about getting my transfer credits accepted?

  • First you must decide which of your previous courses might transfer to Adams State. You can get information on our courses at ( by selecting the link Online Academic Catalog. Then you need to call the adviser at 719-587-7768 (800-662-3382). The adviser will instruct you on what to do at this point.

Can I take program courses without belonging to a cohort?

  • Yes, 12 credit hours can be taken in our graduate courses without being formally admitted to a program. There is a different application process and you will not be eligible for scholarships or financial aid. Call the GTED adviser for more information, 719-587-7768 or 800-662-3382.