Derek Garza & Brent Long - Theatre Alumni


Brent Long ('05) and Derek Garza ('05) met at Adams State and quickly became best friends.  Today, they are operating their own professional theatre company in Chicago.  

Founded in 2010, the Mortar Theatre Company is a collaborative group of actors, directors, designers and playwrights committed to making socially conscious theatre and championing new plays.  

Their work initiates community dialogue by lifting up and exploring stories of everyday heroes who shape our society.  As Adams State theatre majors, Derek and Brent earned an education that has changed their lives and, in turn, they are changing the world around them.

Derek Garza

Brent Long

Brent Long

The Adams State Theatre Department instilled in me a sense of wonder of the stage. Something that I still feel as strongly as I did the first time I stepped out in front of an audience when I was a freshman. Studying at Adams State let me experience theatre from all angles, backstage to onstage, playwright to actor to director to stage manager. And I couldn't have picked a better place to do it. I made lasting friendships and worked with tremendous artists that I still can count on for their talents and insights. -- Brent Long