Two Great Theatre Traditions

From classics to cutting-edge, improv to social change, our students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of productions. Through it all, they practice the art of making a difference.

There is no better example of this than our annual holiday season production.

photo from the Peter Pan production

2005 production of "Peter Pan"

The seeds for this tradition were planted in the spring of 2004. On a drive to Denver, Dr. Paul Newman, director of Theatre, and Dr. John Taylor discussed the possibility of offering a family friendly show that people of all ages could attend together.

What began as a conversation quickly became a popular holiday tradition and one of the most sought after tickets in town.

Beginning with the success of A Christmas Carol, audiences have delighted in productions of Peter Pan, It’s a Wonderful Life, Cinderella, Miracle on 34th Street, Alice in Wonderland, and The Little Match Girl. Year after year, tickets for our holiday season production sell out within days, if not hours, as over 2,200 people attend.

photo from the 2011 production - A Christmas Carol

2011 production of "A Christmas Carol"

Beginning in 2008, our Theatre program started another great tradition when we partnered with La Puente Home, the homeless organization in the San Luis Valley, to use our opening night performance of the holiday season show as a fundraiser to help those in need.

To date, we have raised over $400,000 from our opening night performances. And for our students, it is a concrete reminder that their art can make a difference.