Minor in Women's and Gender Studies

Students of virtually all majors can enrich their degree with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. All you need is 18 credit hours on one of the following interdisciplinary tracks.  

 Women's Studies Track 

The minor in women's studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to examine the position of women in culture and society, to integrate a new understanding of women into traditional academic fields, and to heighten the student's awareness of the range of human experience, potential, and accomplishment.

Gender and Sexuality Studies Track  

The minor in gender and sexuality studies offers a broad interdisciplinary investigation of gender and sexuality as keys to understanding human experience. Courses seek to unravel the ways in which ideas about gender and sexuality shape social roles and identities, in addition to the ways in which race, class, and ethnicity function in the experience of gender and sexuality within a culture.   

You will gain:  

  • A comprehensive understanding of gender as it intersects with sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion, class  
  • Unique knowledge and experiences that future employers & graduate programs find valuable 

Career Opportunities Include: 

  • Social Work
  • Education
  • Local Government 
  • Healthcare