Student Business - Payment Plans

Payment in full or payment arrangements for fall and spring semesters must be made or finalized by the second Friday of each semester. Adams State offers the following payment plan for 2018-2019.

Fall Semester 2018

50% due September 5, 2018

25% due September 24, 2018

25% due October 24, 2018

Spring Semester 2019

50% due January 30,  2019

25% due February 24, 2019

25% due March 24, 2019


  • Interest charges are not assessed on payment plans
  • A $10 deferred payment fee, per semester, is assessed for a payment plan.
  • On-campus students visit the One Stop Cashier to sign a tuition promissory note.
  • Online students contact Student Business Services at 719-587-7728 to finalize a payment plan and tuition promissory note.


  • If an account is not paid in full or payment arrangements are not finalized by the second week of the semester,  a $40 late fee is assessed.  Additional late charges of $10 per month are assessed until a payment agreement is finalized.
  • If a student makes the required down payment but does not complete the tuition promissory note, late fees as listed above will apply.
  • A $10 monthly late fee is assessed for payment plans that are not current. 

A student's account must be paid in full to register for a subsequent semester.  The above plan is designed to meet this requirement. Payment plans may be extended to the end of the semester with special permission. However, this will prevent further registration until the balance due is paid in full. Students may call 719-587-7728 to discuss this arrangement.