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  • ResNet Phone: 719-587-8174
  • ASU Helpdesk: 719-587-7741

ResNet (Residential Network)

Adams State University is pleased to offer students free Internet access in all of its Residence Halls. Here are some of the many features of Resnet at ASU:

  • Wireless Internet is available in all Residence Halls and Academic Buildings!
    In addition, the Student Union Building and Library have wifi.

  • Safe Connect Campus Manager
    All network connected devices, including personal computers, game consoles, and mobile devices that connect through the internet need to be registered to a student’s account the first time it connects to the network.
    Personal computers using Windows must have the following to connect to ASUwifi:
    • Windows security updates
    • Antivirus installed and updated.

    If students do not have an antivirus program, one will be provided free of charge.
  • What Safe Connect Does
    • It can detect and suggest fixes for security holes on your computer.
    • It offers an easy way to fix your computer without taking it into the Help Desk.
    • It ensures that only ASU students, faculty, and staff are connected to ASU WiFi. This ensures bandwidth is not taken up by unauthorized users.
  • What Safe Connect Does Not Do
    • It does not monitor the activity on your device.
    • It does not access your usernames or passwords.
    • It does not upload files from your computer to our servers.
  • ResNet Technicians
    Experienced student technicians are available to help troubleshoot connection problems and virus/malware removal. Be aware that certain repairs, such as hardware replacements and Operating System reinstalls, are not permitted repairs by our techs. If you have an issue with your computer please contact us or come by Computing Services. All available services are free to students.