Grounds - Fall Services

Fertilization and Weed Control

students sitting outside on a fall day

  • Spread a winter blend fertilizer in September before we blow out irrigation.
  • Spray a post emergent as needed for weeds.


  • Adjust heads, clean nozzles, and check for leaks.
  • Make sure all sprinklers, valves, and heads are functioning properly and are not leaking.


  • As needed to keep turf healthy and green.
  • Water will be shut off two days prior for events outside.
  • Water shut-down will be in October and November.
  • Replace and adjust sprinkler heads as needed throughout the growing season.


  • Plugs that fall sideways will be removed.
  • High traffic areas will require additional aeration.
  • Grounds will mark sprinklers, valve boxes, and wires before aeration starts.


  • As needed in August.
  • Location of the turf will determine what kind of seed will be used.
  • Seed mix will be a premium grade and up-to-date.
  • Clean off walks when seeding is complete.

Fall cleanup

  • Leaves mulched into turf.
  • We will remove excess and disposed of it.