Benefits - Dental

Professional & Exempt Employees

Adams State University provides the Faculty, Administrative and Classified staff an opportunity to participate Dental Insurance Programs that are part of the comprehensive health insurance benefits offered by the University.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado provides two programs (Anthem Dental Indemnity and Dental PPO) for Faculty and Administrative exempt professional employees. The Anthem website is Faculty and Administrative exempt employees participate in a cost sharing premium payment programs depending upon the type of dental plan that they may choose.

Coverage levels and premium rates for Exempt Professional and Faculty:

  • Employee only
  • Employee and family
  • Total Cost/Your Cost
  • $36.00/$12.00
  • $89.00/$32.06

Employees are encouraged to contact the Human Resource Department located in Room 127, Richardson Hall to view Dental Plan documents concerning co-payments and specific services covered under each Dental Plan.