Adams State University

Leave Sharing Program


Effective May 1, 1990, the department of Personnel initiated procedures which allow an agency to establish a Leave Sharing Program for it's classified employees. The purpose of such a program is to provide a means to voluntarily transfer accumulated annual leave from one employee to another who is experiencing a catastrophic medical hardship, either personally or by an immediate family member.

After taking into consideration to size of Adams State University's classified staff (100-110) and the number of times in the past ten years such a leave sharing program could have been used; the college has chosen to establish a direct donation program.



This program is provided to cover the serious medical hardship or catastrophic illness or injury of an employee or a member of his/her immediate family that requires inpatient, hospice or resident health care.

Normal pregnancy, common illness, or an illness/injury covered by short-term disability, workman's compensation, or PERA disability retirement will not be covered. In addition, this program in not intended to cover cases of abusive leave usage.

Eligibility for applying for use of transferred leave

Employee must have a minimum of one year of service with the State of Colorado.

Employee must have exhausted all annual and sick leave before making application. In the case of immediate family need, the employee must have exhausted all annual leave and sick leave as allowed by the Department of Personnel Rules and Procedures P7-2-5.


Application must be made on the appropriate form and must be completed in full. Failure to secure approval of the employee's supervisor or to provide the attending physician's statement will result in an automatic denial of the request.

Completed applications must be submitted to the Adams State College Personnel Office, where it will be certified that all available leave has been used.


The appointing authority shall have final approval of all requests. In reviewing each request, the appointing authority may take the following factors into consideration:

  • Reason for the request, seriousness of illness or injury, exhaustion of leave, availability of other benefits, etc.
  • Past leave usage patterns
  • Eligibility
  • Completeness of application
  • Past performance of employee as documented by performance appraisals
  • Budget problems
  • Size of organizational unit for which employee works

Approval or denial of the request is final with no grievance, administrative or judicial appeal allowed.

All or a portion of the time requested may be approved.

The maximum amount of approved leave transfers will be 520 hours, prorated for part-time employees.


The Adams State University Personnel Office shall be responsible for administering the program and maintenance of all necessary record after approval of a request has been granted.

Solicitations for contributions of annual leave will be sent to all employees, explaining the reason for the request.

Contributions of annual leave must be made on the appropriate form and submitted to the personnel office.

A minimum donation of 4 hours of accrued annual leave is required.

When more contributions are available that needed, donors will receive a proportionate refund.

Awarded time may be applied retroactively to the beginning of the leave-without-pay period of the injury/illness for which it was granted.

The granted leave is meant to cover only the duration of the illness/injury for which application was made. If the situation ceases or the employee terminates/retires, any unused portion of the leave collected will be forfeited and restored to the donors on a pro-rated basis.