Domestic Certified Mail

Certified Mail is First Class mail that gives evidence of mailing as well as evidence of delivery this is done by specifically identifying each piece with a unique number. These numbered labels are now bar-coded and can be traced on the Internet @ A return receipt can also be requested for an additional fee, this service will provide a hard copy of the signor's signature to the sender.

Remember that Return Receipt is not required when mailing Certified Mail. A signature of the recipient is kept on file for two years at the delivery post office. A Return Receipt After Mailing can be requested, for a fee, if a signature is needed at a later date. Deciding to use Return Receipt with Certified mail will depend on your individual needs, but please keep in mind that by not adding the Return Receipt fee to the postage a substantial amount can be saved.

Instructions for Certified Mail: Dark Green PS Form 3800

  • Print or type Recipients address on bottom of form.
  • Fill out a Return Receipt (If desired).
  • Paper clip or attach Certified Slip and Return Receipt to mail piece. (Do not remove Receipt)
  • Make sure your return address is on the mail piece.
  • Deliver mail piece to mailroom.
  • The following day you will receive the receipt in your inter-office mail. Retain this receipt for your records, it will be your only proof of mailing.


  • Certified Mail must be combined only with First Class or Priority Mail.
  • No insurance is provided with Certified Mail, for valuables please consider using Insured or Registered Mail.