FedEx Express (Formerly known as Federal Express)

FedEx Express is a private courier that specializes in overnight and 2 to 3 day deliveries. It is a fast, reliable service that offers several advantages.


  • Fast delivery: Overnight available to most US addresses, if the article is brought to the mailroom before nine o'clock a.m.
  • Service Options: a wide variety including:
    • Overnight
    • Second Day
    • or Three Day Delivery
  • Standard $100 insurance on all items, with option to purchase additional insurance
  • It is possible to waive the signature requirement
  • There is no need to request courier every time you ship an item, since we are on a regular pick-up schedule
  • Tracking can be found on the internet @ or by calling 1-800 Go FedEx
  • Optional Saturday delivery to select locations


  • Weekend delivery option is charged an extra fee
  • More Expensive than Priority or First Class Mail
  • No local offices
  • Note: FedEx Express can not deliver to P.O. Boxes, for P.O. Box addresses the item must be shipped by the US Postal Service
  • FedEx will not insure art work for over 500 dollars, if necessary to insure for more then you must use a separate insurance company. In the past we have used Transglobal Insurance at 1-800-245-4852


Rates and Fees

will vary depending on destination and weight. It is usually less expensive, however, than Express Mail for most destinations.

ASU is on a State of Colorado rate schedule and therefore it is usually about half the cost of Express Mail with letter rates starting around $5.25. All items must be to the Mailroom by 9:00 AM to guarantee shipment on that day.

Contact mailroom for specific prices.


  1. Fill out "FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and Express Mail Mailing Slip" (found at the top of this page).
  2. Scotch Tape a corner of form to the prepared package or letter, or slip form in plastic sleeve. Note: FedEx supplies us with a variety of free envelopes and boxes please see the mailroom for these supplies.
  3. Bring item to mailroom before one o'clock for same day shipment.
  4. Inform the mail clerk on duty if you would like a hard copy receipt.