FedEx Ground

FedEx Ground is a ground transportation company that offers shipping of parcels all across the US and to some global countries. Any heavy or insured items should be sent FedEx Ground to save money and provide a way to trace such packages. This method is generally cheaper than FedEx Express or US Postal Service methods.


  • Tracking can be done on the Internet at or by calling 1-800-762-3725
  • Automatic insurance of $100, additional insurance coverage may be purchased.
  • More economical than FedEx Express or US Postal Service methods


  • No overnight, or 2 to 3 day guaranteed shipping
  • Slower than FedEx Express or Express Mail
  • No Saturday or Sunday delivery
  • FedEx will not insure art work for over 500 dollars, if necessary to insure for more then you must use a separate insurance company.


  • Fill out "FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and Express Mail Mailing Slip" (Download form)
  • Scotch Tape a corner of form to the prepared package
  • Bring item to mailroom by 9 am for same day shipment.

Rates and Fees

Vary depending on destination and weight. It is usually less expensive, therefore, than Express Mail for most destinations.

This carrier only ships ground transportation. If you want overnight, two-day or three-day delivery, you must use FedEx Express.

Contact mailroom for specific prices.