International First Class

Letters and Letter Packages First Class Mail

  • The following items are considered letters and letter packages (i.e., "letter mail") and must be mailed at the letter rate:
    • Handwritten or typewritten communications having the character of current and personal correspondence.
    • Bills.
    • Statements of account.
    • Unless prohibited by the destination country, merchandise and printed matter conforming to the applicable weight and size limits also may be mailed at letter rates. Letter mail must be enclosed in an envelope or wrapper.
    • The weight limit for letter mail to all countries except Canada is 4 pounds. Letter packages mailed to Canada can weigh up to 66 pounds provided they are sent as registered mail.
    • Postcards and postal cards
    • Folded (double) cards are not mailable internationally and must be enclosed in an envelope and mailed at the letter rate of postage.


  • Aerogrammes are letter sheets that can be folded into the form of an envelope and sealed. Aerogrammes are intended for personal communication and may not include enclosures. Neither tape nor stickers may be used to seal aerogrammes.