Periodical Rate Mail

Note: ASU no longer has a Periodical account. Consult mailroom manager if you feel the need to use periodical mail.

(Previously named Second Class Mail)

Note: The following description for Periodical Mail is provided as a reference for decision making only. Failure to get approval from the mailroom manager before printing or preparing mailings could result in your mailing not meeting certain criteria and/or being rejected at the post office. Even if this is something that has been printed in the past always get final approval from the Mailroom Manager.

Basic Standards Periodical Rate Mail:

  • Effective July 1, 1996, second-class mail was renamed Periodicals. This name change does not alter the status of authorized publications; second-class mailing privileges are now referred to as Periodicals mailing privileges and have comparable eligibility standards.
  • Only newspapers and periodical publications meeting certain mailability standards described in the Domestic Mail Manual may be authorized to mail at the Periodicals rates. Please contact the mailroom for more information or if you have specific questions.
  • Periodical matter is not sealed against postal inspection. Regardless of physical closure, the mailing of articles at Periodicals rates is consent by the mailer to postal inspection of the contents.

Definition and Characteristics:

  • For Periodicals purposes, a periodical publication or periodical is one published at a stated frequency with the intent to continue publication indefinitely, with these characteristics:
    • The continuity of the periodical must show from issue to issue. Continuity is shown by serialization of articles or by successive issues carrying the same style, formats theme, or subject matter.
    • The primary purpose of the periodical must be the transmission of information.
    • The content of the periodical may consist of original or reprinted articles on one topic or many topics, listings, photographs, illustrations, graphs, a combination of advertising and non-advertising matter, comic strips, legal notices, editorial material, cartoons, or other subject matter.
    • The primary distribution of each issue must be made before that of each succeeding issue.

Other Publication Types:

  • The following types of publications also qualify as periodical publications:
    • Any catalog or other course listing issued by any institution of higher education or by a nonprofit organization engaged in continuing legal education.
    • Any loose-leaf page or report (including any index, filing instruction, table, or sectional identifier that is part of such report) designed as part of a loose-leaf reporting service on developments in the law or public policy.
    • Any transportation guide containing schedules, fares, and related information.


  • Automatic address correction
  • Cheaper than First Class Mail
  • Faster than Standard Mail
  • No minimum amount per mailing


  • $ .50 charge per address correction
  • Takes more preparation time than Standard Mail
  • More expensive than Standard Mail