Permit Imprint Mailings

Permit imprint mailings are a form of postage that instead of metering, or stamping mail allows us to mail items. There are some requirements for such mailings among them are size of the mailing, design & dimensions of mail-piece, type of material in mailing, and pre-sorting the mailing.


Adams State University requires that any mailing of 200 pieces that meet the requirements of:

must be sent at Standard Mail rates.

This requires preparation by the mailing department, for a preparation instructions please see:

If the department chooses to send the mailing at first-class rates instead you must provide a budget code so the mailroom can bill you for the diffrence in postage (First Class rate - Standard mail rate).

Permit imprint first class mail (Permit #16):

  • Any mailable item can be mail as first class, except as mentioned above, but some must be sent at First Class Mail, if they meet the standards in:
  • 500 Piece minimum to send a First-Class Permit Imprint Mailing (if under 500 pieces and item must go first class they must be metered).
  • Size limitations and restrictions apply. Please see:

Standard mail (Bulk Rate Mail) (Permit # 80)

  • Standard mail consists of items such as fliers and advertisements. Descriptions of these items can be found in:
  • 200 piece minimum. If there are under 200 pieces items must be metered at first class rates. (There are some exceptions please contact the mailroom if you think your mailing might apply)
  • Size limitations and restrictions apply please see: