Campus Mail Policies and Procedures

On a daily basis Mailing Services receives Campus Mail that is undeliverable for various reasons, which leaves us to spend time searching for the addressee in order for it to be delivered. Please follow the guidelines below to ensure timely delivery.

  • Campus Mail should include recipient's first & last names, department, and box number (especially for student mail). Lack of complete address could result in returned/undeliverable mail.
  • Confidential Campus Mail must include a complete return address and be sealed.
  • Use of campus mail envelopes should be used whenever possible. Except for student & confidential mail.
  • First Class envelopes should not be used for Campus Mail unless it is confidential mail or going to a student box.
  • Campus Mail must be sorted into the Campus Mail basket. Do not mix Campus Mail with First Class Mail.
  • Large Campus Mailings must be done in one of the following ways:
    • Addressed pieces must be sorted by department, or in box number order for student mail, and rubber banded, paper clipped, or fastened together by some means so they will not separate.
    • Non-addressed fliers do not need to be sorted. These mailings may be dropped of at RH mailroom for students & faculty, or the University Center Mailroom for students.