Parcel Post Insurance

Parcel post packages mailed to many destination countries can be insured against loss, damage, or rifling, at the sender's option. Comparable insurance coverage is not available to senders who mail letter mail, printed matter items of all types, or small packets to those same countries. For the indemnity limit that applies to each destination country where insurance coverage is available, see the International Mail Manual (IMM) located at:

Instructions for Insured mail: Blue PS Form 3813-P

  1. Fill out destination address on bottom of form.
  2. Fill in value of item.
  3. Attach Insured slip by exposing self-adhesive and pressing the label to the article. Do not remove receipt.
  4. Deliver article to the Mailroom.
  5. In the following day inter-offices mail you will receive the receipt with an Alamosa postmark (the receipt must have a postmark to be valid). Retain this receipt, it is your only proof of mailing and must be presented to make a claim.