Registered Mail

  • Registered mail provides special protection for important and valuable items. Use of this service, which requires a fee in addition to postage, provides evidence of mailing and insurance in case of loss or damage. The sender may request a Return Receipt by paying an additional fee.
  • Because registered mail must be signed for each time it changes hands, it may not reach its destination as quickly as First Class Mail. In order to insure delivery by required date proper planning for lead-time is necessary.
  • Because of the expense of Registered Mail, persons are encouraged to use other types of mailing, unless the contents of an item are of significant value.
  • This service is available only when First Class or Priority postage is paid. Fees increase in proportion to the registered value. Registered mail is protected against loss or damage only when the fees are paid.

Declared Value

Mail Matter

  • Negotiable Instrument
    • Instruments payable to bearer, including stock certificates endorsed in blank.
  • Nonnegotiable Instrument
    • Registered bonds, warehouse receipts, checks, drafts, deeds, wills, abstracts, non-endorsed stock certificates and similar documents.
  • Money
  • Jewelry, Gems, Precious Metals
  • Merchandise
  • Non-valuable
    • Matter without intrinsic value, letters, files, records.

Value to be Declared

  • Market Value
    • Value based on instruments payable to bearer, including stock certificates value at time of mailing.
  • Market Value
    • Value based on value at time of mailing.
  • Full Value
  • Market Value or Cost
  • Market Value or Cost
  • No Value( or replacement costs)


  • Mailers who fail to declare full value or fail to pay the appropriate fee may be denied payment of indemnity in case of loss or damage.
  • All Registered Mail envelopes and packages must be sealed with brown gummed tape only. No Scotch, masking or plastic tape of any kind. All seams must be covered. No reused or resealed envelopes accepted.

Instructions for Registered Mail: White PS Form 3806

  1. Fill out To & From, be sure to included your name and department
  2. Enter the value of the item
  3. Bring form and item to RH Mailroom
  4. RH Mailroom will place the red Registered label on the item

Note: Do Not retain any copies of Form 3806, if you need a copy request that the RH Mailroom return the receipt to you, after it has been postmarked.