Reply Mail

Reply envelopes and cards are supplied to current and potential customers to increase the likelihood of a response, expediting the response and assure the envelope or card is returned to the correct address. There are three methods of reply mail available, these are:

  1. Business Reply Mail (Postage paid by ASU)
  2. Meter Reply Mail (Postage paid by ASU)
  3. Courtesy Reply Mail (Postage paid by mailer)
  • Business Reply Mail will save on postage because postage is only paid on what is actually returned.
  • Meter Reply mail requires postage placed on every piece, this wastes money since not all pieces will be mailed back.
  • As a method of saving postage, Adams State University will not meter large amounts of reply mail. If you are requesting large amounts of reply envelopes you must use Business Reply, or Courtesy Reply Mail. Using Reply Mail must be planned in advance in order to have enough time to design artwork and order envelopes.
  • Business Reply Mail uses three different Zip Codes. The proper zip code and bar code must be used, please see the mailroom for a template when preparing Business Reply Mail.
  • The mailroom will provide information on these items on request. It is important to get your items approved by the mailroom manager before placing an order or printing envelopes.