First Class Mail

  • Is not delayed in handling
  • Is closed against Postal inspection
  • Any mailable matter may be sent as First Class Mail. (First Class mail includes Priority & Express Mail).
  • Matter described below must be mailed at First Class Rates (or Priority Mail & Express Mail rate):
    • Matter wholly or partially in handwriting
    • Matter wholly or partially in typewriting
    • Matter that has the character of actual and personal correspondence
    • Bills and statements of account

Examples of First Class Mail

  • These are examples of material that must be mailed at First Class, Priority, or Express Mail rates:
    • Handwritten or typewritten matter
    • Personal correspondence.
    • Notebooks or blank books containing written or typewritten entries or stenographic or shorthand notes.
    • Blank printed forms filled out in writing, such as notices, certificates, and checks, either canceled or uncanceled.
    • Printed cards or letters bearing a written date, where the date is not the date of the card but gives information about when something is to occur or has occurred.
    • Any matter marked "Postcard" or "Double Postcard."

First Class Presort

  • Any First Class Mailing that has 500 pieces or more must be mailed at Pre-sort rate. This is a work-sharing program with the US Postal Service that gives the college a discount on postage for us preparing the mailing. Preparation required, for instructions please contact the mailroom.