Where's My Package?

Your package may be in one of many places along the delivery process.

The Delivery Process

FedEx Ground packages arrive at Richardson Hall mailroom between 8:30 & 9:00.

Daily mail and USPS packages are picked up from the Alamosa Post Office at 9:00, and taken to the Richardson Hall mailroom. Mail is sorted to the various departments.

UPS arrives at Richardson Hall mailroom between 9:30 & 10:30.

All packages with barcodes are checked into the ASU tracking system and sorted for delivery. Improperly addressed packages are set aside to be dealt with later.

The mail and packages for the SUB mailroom are delivered around 11:30.

Each package is checked into the SUB mailroom.

Mail is sorted and placed into the rear loading student mailboxes, units 356-1251.

The bar coded packages are labeled and shelved.

Package notices are placed in rear loading student mailboxes.

Packages without a bar code are logged in, labeled and shelved and package notices are placed in rear loading student mailboxes.

The lobby is closed for 15 – 20 minutes while mail and package notices are put into the south mailboxes, Units 1-355.

A second delivery is received around 3:30. The packages are checked into the SUB mailroom, labeled, shelved and notices placed in student boxes.

Missing Packages or Stolen Items

Please talk to the mailroom staff and we will use our campus tracking system to do a search. If your package is determined to be missing then we will have you contact the Postal Inspectors website at Usps.com/postal inspectors. Follow the prompts to fill out their form. The form goes to the mail recovery center in Atlanta, Georgia. They will look for your article there. Or you can call the Postal Inspectors at 1-(877) 876-2455. This also applies to items missing from packages.