Your Packages

The day’s incoming UPS, FedEx Ground and USPS packages are usually ready to be picked up after 2:30. You may pick up your package at any time when you have a package notice.

FedEx Express packages come in a second delivery and are available after 3:30.

You will receive a package notice in your mailbox when your package is ready to be picked up. Bring the notice to the window, show a photo ID and sign for your package.

The first 6 – 8 weeks of each semester are our busiest time. Please bear with us as we deal with the extra rush of packages.

New students can receive packages at their campus address 2 weeks before the start of the semester, returning students, 4 weeks before the new semester.

Please do not ask for your package that arrived TODAY if you do not have a notice yet. Let us work through our procedures to ensure that all packages are properly documented.

You may have received an email stating that your package has been delivered, or you may have tracked it online and the status is “delivered.” This could mean it has been delivered to the Alamosa Post Office, to a carrier’s facility or to the Richardson Hall mailroom, but it is not necessarily at the SUB mailroom yet. Please see “Where’s my package?”

You must pick up your package in person unless special arrangements are made.

Packages are held for 3 weeks, then forwarded to a home address or returned to the sender.

Adams State University mailroom personnel in Richardson Hall sign for all packages. You do not have to personally sign for the initial delivery to the school. We are unable to give any information regarding your package over the phone. You must come to the mailroom and conduct your business in person.