Official Functions & Forms


  • The expenditure of University funds for such things as food, beverage, catering services, the cost of holding receptions, employee recognition events, etc., are sometimes perceived as funds used for entertainment or personal benefit. In order to avoid undue criticism or possible misuse of the University funds, State Fiscal Rule mandates that the President of Adams State University, or designee (Provost or Vice President for Finance and Administration) must approve all expenditures of this type. ASU staff who have been given departmental purchasing signature authority are authorized to approve expenditures that are reasonable up to and including $200.00.


  • A meeting, conference, or other assembly, which meets all of the following criteria:
    • A. It is hosted by administrative officials of Adams State University, as required in the conduct of official business.
    • B. It is held to further the best interests of Adams State University.
    • C. It requires the expenditure of University funds for such things as food, beverage, catering services, the cost of holding receptions, employee recognition events, etc.
    • D. The expenditure is properly authorized by the Department budget manager and approved by the President of the University or designee.


  • The following are examples, which qualify as "Official Functions":
    • A. Food and beverages purchased for the hosts and one or more guests visiting a department on official business.
    • B. Luncheons, dinners, receptions, and banquets given as a necessary adjunct to official meetings or conferences.
    • C. Meals (including spouses), service pins, and merit certificates for State employees being honored at an award luncheon, dinner, or reception. This includes the cost of meals for State officials who are required to participate in an official capacity.
    • D. Catering services, which may be required for large formal official functions.
    • E. Decorations as essential to the circumstances.
    • F. Meeting rooms essential to the occasion.


  • It is the policy of the State of Colorado that State funds (in this case University funds) may be used for productive meetings and events that are designed to achieve program objectives (State Fiscal Rules Chapter 2 Sec. 7). University funds are not to be used for entertainment or personal benefit.


  • A. FORMS: "Official Functions Request" forms are available online. This form is used for requests involving refreshments, meals, snacks and beverages. If you need assistance with the "Official Functions Request" contact the Purchasing Office at 7526.
    • 1) Department approval;
    • 2) Detailed description of function (where, why, when); and
    • 3) Necessary supporting documentation (agenda, etc.)
    • 1) Department Budget Approval;
    • 2) Sponsored Programs (SP) budgets need SP Controller approval;
    • 3) Foundation accounts require Director of Development approval;
    • 4) Club accounts need Club Advisor and Budget Director approval;
    • 5) All Official Functions need President, Provost, or Vice President of Finance and Administration approval if over $200; and finally
    • 6) Purchasing approval and processing.