Furniture Purchases


Procurement of Office Furniture and Office Systems relating to Colorado Corrections Industries (CCi) pursuant to C.R.S. 17-24-111.

Departments may but are not required to purchase office furniture and office systems through CCi.

 · Departments are required to request a bid from CCi when the office furniture purchase is expected to be $150,000 or more.

· Purchases may not be broken into smaller groups to create a smaller value.

· Opportunities for CCi to bid should be provided to CCi with sufficient time for them to research, quote and deliver the bid.

· When CCi provides a bid, the bid must be considered on a competitive basis.

· Departments may purchase furniture directly from CCI as a sole source provider. Per statute, no solicitation, intent to sole source, or sole source waiver is required when purchasing exclusively from CCi.

· Various solicitation methods including cooperative purchasing agreements are acceptable when purchasing over $150,000, however, CCi must be given an opportunity to bid.

If you need to procure furniture outside of CCi please contact the ASU Purchasing Office prior to contacting or committing to outside vendor agreements.

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