Airline & Travel Agency Information

Air travel must be reserved and processed through of one Adams State University's approved travel agencies with the Corporate Ghost card system or through the Internet according to the procedures stated below.

Effective July 1, 2015, the new approved travel agencies are:

Christopherson Travel - 303-689-7709 - 7:00am - 6:00pm
Frosch Travel - 800-783-9929 - 8:00am - 5:30pm
Boersma Travel - 734-424-3989 - 8:30am to 6:00pm EST

Corporate Ghost Card Airline Purchase Procedures:

Effective November 21, 2011, Flight Authorization numbers replaced Purchase Order numbers for confirming flights.

1. Request a quote from one of the above approved travel agencies. Have the quote either emailed or faxed to you, but get it in writing. The quote should include the agency's service fee of: $23.00 per ticket for either Christopherson Travel or Frosch Travel; or $25.10 for Boersma travel. The agency fees are reduced for group travel, please see the Travel Compliance Designee, for the rates.

2. Complete the Travel Request form, showing who is traveling, to where, why, and when. Include the airfare in the transportation cost. All approving signatures and budget codes will be required before a flight authorization number will be given out.

3. Bring the original completed Travel Request and a copy of the flight itinerary to the Travel Compliance Officer, in the Accounting Office.

Once you have been given a Flight Authorization number, confirm the reservation with the travel agency, with this number. Fares are changing constantly, so do not delay in the time of receiving the quote and confirming the ticket. Have everything ready so it will be able to be processed in a timely manner.

Agency service fees are nonrefundable, even when the ticket is not used. The value of canceled tickets will generally be preserved as long as new ticket is booked, (or, for some airlines, as long as new trip is completed) within one year of original ticket issue date, but things can change. Review the itinerary to make sure the spelling, flight times, and locations are correct, before confirming the flight.

NEW! - Online Booking with the Corporate Ghost Card

Booking online gives you the benefit of booking flights, lodging, and/or rental vehicles on one site, through an approved travel agency and the convenience of the flight being paid through the Adams State Corporate Ghost Card. The agency fee for booking online will be $11.00 per ticket. Car rentals will require use of a Citibank State Travel Card. Lodging can be purchased with any credit card. See this link to find out more:  Once again, fares are changing constantly, so do not delay in the time of receiving the quote and confirming the ticket. Have everything ready so it will be able to be processed in a timely manner.

Internet Airline Purchase Procedures:

Airfare may be purchased on the internet with a State Travel card, if a significant savings (at least $35) can be shown over a state approved travel agency.

1. Search the internet for the flight you would like, take note of the booking/service fees as well.

2. Request a quote from the above approved travel agency for the same itinerary and have a quote either emailed or faxed to you, but get it in writing.

3. If there is a savings of at least $35.00, which includes any/all fees, you may book the trip using a State Travel Card.

REMEMBER: You will not be reimbursed for any part of the trip until its completion. If you book airfare for a trip that is a few months out, you will be responsible for the charges and reimbursed when you return. You may wish to use the Corporate Ghost Card process instead.

4. Submit a copy of the quote from the travel agency with your Travel Expense form, in order to be considered for reimbursement.

The university is prohibited by the State of Colorado policies from:
- Purchasing tickets from non-approved travel agents,
- Purchasing tickets directly from the airlines,
- Purchasing airline tickets from a non-approved agency as part of a conference package,
- Reimbursing travelers who purchase their own tickets from non-approved agents or from the internet without following the stated procedures. If a traveler violates this rule, s/he will have to submit a letter to the Vice President of Finance and Governmental Relations explaining why the proper procedures were not followed. In such cases, reimbursements will be decided by the Vice President of Finance and Governmental Relations on a case by case basis at his/her discretion.

The use of the awarded travel agency provide the following benefits: use of corporate liability card (traveler is not having to wait for completion of travel in order to obtain reimbursement), $500,000 travel accident insurance, emergency support during bad weather to re-route travelers, the state is able to obtain reports from awarded travel agencies to know where our travelers are in time of need, $1,250 lost luggage insurance, lost luggage locator service and detailed reports for volume based contract negotiations.

The approved travel agency are also familiar with state contract airlines. The exceptions would be, if: the approved travel agency finds that (1) a lower fare is offered to the general public that is not matched by awarded airline; or (2) there is no contract for the city pair; or (3) the traveler is inconvenienced by three hours or more by using an awarded airline.

First/Business Class travel is not allowed. Upgrades (including extended leg room upgrades) are also not allowed.