Conference/Registration Fees

The traveler should use the Procurement Card (PCard) to pay any registration fees directly to the vendor. Registration fees can also be paid by an ASU check, if the vendor does not accept credit cards. If the fee is to be paid by check, please submit a completed registration form along with the Travel Request, and indicate on the form that a check needs to be sent.

The Citibank State Travel Card may also be used to pay for registration, but remember, you will not be reimbursed for any part of the trip, including registration, until the trip is complete. If the conference is a few months out, you may wish to use one of the other payment options.

Please send a copy of the conference brochure, training brochure, or other descriptive material, including the itinerary and list of sessions you will be attending, along with the Travel Request. Indicate on the Travel Request what form of payment will be used to pay the registration fee.