NEW! - Clubs and Group Travel

There are many things to think about when planning travel, and planning for a club or group can be even trickier. When you first know or start thinking about a trip, the questions to ask as a group are:

WHERE do we want to go?
WHEN do we want to go?
HOW MANY are going, both students and faculty?
WHY are we going?
HOW are we going to get there?
WHERE are we going to stay?
ARE there any Registration Fees due?
HOW much is this going to cost?
and WHAT do we plan to get out of this trip?

While this may seem overwhelming, the sooner planning is started, the smoother it will go. Below is information to help make your trip a success.

Forms you will need

A Travel Request form is designed to be a complete summary of a trip. While the charges may be estimates, it tells the who, when, where, and whys of a trip.

One Travel Request can be completed for the group, with the "person in charge" listed as the traveler. Each additional person traveling should be listed on the form somewhere or on an attached page, for insurance purposes.

The Travel Request should be submitted to the ASU Travel Office, in Richardson Hall, at least two weeks before traveling. (but before the trip, regardless) Please include a phone number and/or email address, in case there are any questions about the submitted form.

The Student Travel Agreement form, is an agreement that each student going on the trip will adhere to the school policies while traveling. The complete form should be submitted with the Travel Request, unless otherwise discussed.

Forms you may need

There are three forms you may need, depending on your trip. The first is the Travel Advance Form, a request for cash needed for the trip; a Receipt of Cash Signature Sheet, and an Activity Trip Report.

The travel advance can be used to for meals, tolls, parking, mileage, etc. The Travel Advance should only be used for what is listed on the form. If you have some items where you may require cash, please talk to the Travel Compliance Officer and see if they are covered. Sometimes there are alternative ways of paying for something. A check will be made out to the "Person in Charge", who will be responsible for the monies.

The Travel Advance Form is required at least five business days before your trip, to allow for processing of the check.

If you receive a Travel Advance, then you will need one or both of the other forms listed below.
The Receipt of Cash Signature Sheet, is a required form if cash is distributed to the travelers. Anyone receiving cash needs to sign the form and state how much money was received.

The Activity Trip Report is used when the "Person in Charge" pays for something for the group. This could be a meal everyone has together, airport parking, or something along these lines. Receipts are required, with this form.

Both the signature sheet and activity report need to be returned to the Travel/Accounts Payable Office, when you return from the trip, along with any remaining cash. The sum of the Signature Sheet and the Activity Trip Report, along with any remaining cash, should equal the amount of the travel advance. Any money returned will be deposited back into the account which it came from. Failure to return this information in a timely manner may delay or forfeit any future travel advances for your club.

Where to find answers

The ASU Travel Website is designed to answer many questions about travel. Here are a few of the most popular links:

Where to find help

For questions regarding any group or club travel, please stop and see the Travel Compliance Officer, in Richardson Hall Suite 3-307, or call 719-587-7762.

If you are not sure what your club account number is or how much is in your club account or your AS&F account, please see Katie Schroeder, in the ASU Finance Office. She can also be reached at 719-587-8149.

For information about the AS&F Government, and whether funding is available through them, check out their website. Their website includes forms, a calendar of meetings, and lots of other information about requesting funding. While there is travel information available on the AS&F site, the travel information on the ASU Travel Website is consistently updated, as changes occur. Please use the Travel website for all of your forms, per diem allowance rates, and all other travel related information.

Pick up your own Club and Group Travel Information brochure at the ASU Travel Office or the AS&F Office! Lots of information, along with a map to follow included inside.