Contact the campus Risk Management Office. If the accident occurred in a rental vehicle charged on the State Travel Card, contact the Citibank Visa Program Administrator (1-800-VISA-911) as soon as reasonably possible to report the claim and request a claim form. If the claim form is not filed within the designated time period, the renter can be held personally responsible. See the Rental Vehicles section for more information.

Cash Advance
Adams State University does not generally allow cash advances for individual travel. Benefit eligible Adams State employees who are apt to travel at least twice in-state or once out-of-state per year may apply for a Citibank Travel Card. See the Citibank Travel Card section, for more information. If you are a group or club traveling, please stop by the Travel Office for information about Cash Advances.

Acronym for the 49 contiguous United States, including District of Columbia.

Currency Exchange
Cost of converting money is reimbursable when the exchange rate is documented and included with the Travel Expense form. Currency calculation must be backdated to reflect actual date expenses were incurred. Website www.oanda.com/convert/classic can be used so document the exchange rates.

Group Travel
Travel is considered as Group Travel when there are three or more individuals traveling together on Adams State University business.

In-State Travel
Travel within the State of Colorado and to immediate areas outside the State (within the same day) that is a necessary part of an otherwise "in-state" trip. Approval from the Department Approving Authority is always required.

International Travel
International Travel is considered as travel to any destination not considered in-state or out-of-state. Approval is always required from the Department Approving Authority, as well as the President of the University.

For information about the destination country (including travel warnings), passport information, and more, see the US Department of State Travel site.

Non-Employee Meals, Lodging, Travel
These charges are governed by the same rules that apply to employee travel-related expenses. The sponsoring department is encouraged to take advantage of State contract airfares and work with approved travel agencies, however, non-employees can make their own travel arrangements.

Out-of-State Travel
Travel other than in Colorado and that is within the 50 United States, including District of Columbia. Approval from the Department is always required. Approval is also required from the Vice President of Administration and Finance Office.

Personal Expenses
Expenses incurred for the traveler's benefit, (e.g., magazines, dry cleaning, laundry, athletic club fees, movie rentals, other entertainment, etc) are not reimbursable.

Personal Travel combined with Business Travel
Personal travel should not be combined with business travel, unless avoidable. Only business related costs of the travel will be reimbursed.

Procurment Card (PCard)
Adams State University's Procard is not to be used for travel, with one exception: it can be used for conference/event registration fees, if accepted by the vendor.

Propriety of Expense Rule
Travel paid by Adams State University, regardless of funding source, shall be for the benefit of the State and completed using the most economical means available which will satisfactorily accomplish the State's business.

Eligible expenses incurred while in travel status are reimbursable upon completion of the trip, according to rules in this guide.

Unallowable Expenses
The following expenses are not authorized for reimbursement per State Fiscal Rule 5-1:

1. The University will not reimburse the cost of an employee's spouse or other person accompanying the University employee on a business trip. Conversely, the University will not receive benefit from a lower travel fare resulting from the spouse of a University employee or other person accompanying the employee on a business trip

2. Personal expenses, such as personal hygiene items, movies, magazines, snacks, alcoholic beverages, personal telephone calls (except as allowed under the Incidental Expense allowance), laundry, entertainment, etc

3. Travel insurance paid by the traveler

4. Meals when the travel is wholly within a single day, unless otherwise covered as stated in this guide.

5. Overnight accommodations furnished at no extra cost to the traveler (i.e., room furnished as part of the registration fee) cannot be reimbursed as part of lodging

6. Meals included in a registration fee, official function, or provided at no cost to the traveler cannot be reimbursed as part of the traveler's meal reimbursement

7. Political expenses, traffic tickets, and/or fines