Online Travel Booking - Flights, Lodging, and Rental Cars

We are excited to announce our new travel partner Christopherson Business Travel. Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) has been in business for over 50 years and is the largest independently owned agency in the State of Colorado. CBT has built an Adams State University custom website that allows us to book flight, lodging, and rental vehicles on one site, online.

Basically, they are providing all the convenience of booking online with the support of a State Contracted Travel Agency in the background.

The agency fee will be $11.00 per ticket, when booking online. You may also call CBT and make reservations over the phone, with an agency fee of $23.00 per ticket. Both options are available to you. If the travel itinerary is complex, sometimes it is better to talk to a live person. Flight authorization numbers are still required, whether you book online or by phone. Use of the flight authorization number ensures that the cost of the flight is billed to the ASU ghost card. Flight authorization numbers are available through the ASU Travel Office. A separate credit card number is required for booking lodging, this can be either a personal credit card, or a Citibank State Travel Card. A Citibank State Travel Card is required for rental vehicles. Use of this card assures the negotiated rates are honored and that the collision damage insurance is not necessary. If you do not have a State Travel Card, call extension 7762 and rental vehicle arrangements can be made through the ASU Travel Office.

Click here to get started:

After completion of your profile, you will receive a "Welcome to Airportal" email with all of the affiliated specifics. This includes a password you can use, when you go to the booking site. This email will also let you know about some additional training available.

You may begin using Christopherson Business Travel anytime!

To learn more about CBT, please visit their website:

You will not be able to book any travel online, until the Travel Profile has been completed.