Per Diem Rates/Meal Reimbursements

Receipts are no longer required for meal reimbursements for travel on or after October 1, 2007. The individual meal reimbursement amounts have changed, so be sure to check the new Per Meal Reimbursement Rates site, for the current rates. A daily allowance for Incidental Expenses, has also been added, for when an overnight stay is required. The Incidental Expense allows for personal telephone calls, miscellaneous tips, and other miscellaneous items. (Reimbursement for these items will no longer be allowed separately.)

Effective October 1, 2017, the base/standard rate is $46.00 plus $5.00 Incidental Expense, for Continental US travel, when neither the city nor county appears on the Per Diem charts listed below.

MEAL REIMBURSEMENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED if a meal is included with lodging, as part of a conference/registration fee, included on an Official Function, or otherwise provided to the traveler at no cost. Exception: Airline meals do not count as a meal.

To ensure meal reimbursement costs are reasonable, reimbursements are limited to a Maximum Meal Reimbursement amount specific to the geographic travel location and time of departure or arrival. The allowed amounts are indicated on the Continental (CONUS) site listed below. For the Maximum Foreign Per Diem Rates, see the Travel Compliance Designee.

Meal Reimbursement Times

The traveler must depart from Alamosa before 5:00am to be reimbursed for breakfast, depart before 11:00am or return after 1:00pm to be reimbursed for lunch, return after 8:00pm or depart from Alamosa before 5:00pm to be reimbursed for dinner. (See below if travel is in a single day.)

When travel overlap partial days, meal reimbursements will be determined by the departure and arrival times.

Meals during a Single-Day Trip

If travel is wholly within a single day: Breakfast is reimbursable if business requires that the traveler leaves home before 5:00am. LUNCH IS NEVER REIMBURSABLE. Dinner is reimbursable if business requires the traveler to return home after 8:00pm. The IRS requires that breakfast/dinner reimbursements for single-day trips be reported as income. Qualifying reimbursements will be submitted to payroll for payment, and not included on your travel reimbursement.

Per Diems Effective October 1, 2017

For the Maximum Foreign Per Diem Rates, see the Travel Compliance Designee.