Rental Vehicles

The State of Colorado has mandatory price agreements with Hertz, Enterprise/National, Budget, and Avis.

The State requires the use of these vendors even if cheaper rates are available through another rental car carrier. All vehicle rentals should be charged using your Citibank State Travel Card. Use of the card assures the negotiated rates are honored and that the collision damage insurance is not necessary. If you do not have a State Travel Card, call extension 7762 and rental vehicle arrangements can be made through the ASU Travel Office.

Hertz Car Rental - Discount Code - 65579 or 1888181
Enterprise/National Car Rental - Discount Code - XZ12450 (and "STA", if needed)
Budget Car Rental - Discount Code - T143800
Avis Car Rental - AWD# - A514100

The car rental company CDW/LDW insurance should always be declined, when using the Citibank State Travel Card.

Employees who accept unnecessary automobile rental insurance will not receive reimbursement for the purchase of this insurance.

Original itemized receipts are always required for reimbursement of car rental costs and for rental car gas purchases, regardless of dollar amount.

Note: If the traveler requires access to a special vehicle - e.g., a minivan - to transport specific cargo/multiple passengers, and if such vehicle is unavailable from the contract rental agencies, the traveler may be able to lease a fleet vehicle. Please discuss this with the Travel Compliance Designee, before making any reservations.

The State encourages use of the state-issued travel card when renting a car for several reasons:
1. Use of the state card assures that additional insurance is not needed. The travel card insurance covers the car completely.

2. If you do not use the travel card, you may not get the state rate. Even if you do get the state rate, you will have to purchase the additional insurance to cover the car. Ultimately the cost is higher for the university. If you do not have a state card, rental arrangements can be made through the ASU Travel Office.

Information about the Benefits Package provided with the Visa Commercial Card, which includes Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver, can be found on the following brochure.