State Vehicles

A State-owned vehicle should be considered for all official travel within the State of Colorado.

Effective January 1, 2018 the mileage rates are $.45 for a state car, $.55 for a state van, and $1.75 for buses.

State-owned vehicles are to be used for official State business only, not for personal, political, or religious purposes, or for personal benefits of anyone.

State-owned vehicles are not to be used to commute between the office and home. Upon direction of the approving authority an employee may be authorized to take a State-owned vehicle home so that they may start a trip early the next day.

To reserve a State Vehicle:

1. Call Facility Services at 719-587-7951 to make the reservation. Have the following information ready: dates and times of departure and return, driver's name, type of vehicle desired, and total number of passengers. Facility Services will be able to let you know if anything is available.

2. Complete the Travel Request form and submit it to the Travel Office at least two weeks prior to travel. Indicate in the appropriate area, on the form, that a state vehicle has been requested. Also, please list the name of the driver(s) in the Remarks section of the request form. Due to the high volume of requests for state vehicles, it is advised that you turn your paperwork in as soon as possible. Note: the vehicle request is not guaranteed until an approved Travel Request has been received by Facility Services from the Travel/Accounting Office. Effective January 1, 2018 the mileage rates are $.45 for a state car, $.55 for a state van, and $1.75 for buses. Remember to request the round trip total per vehicle and add a few extra miles, as a cushion. You will only be charged the actual miles.

3. A copy of the Travel Request is required when you pick up the vehicle. Note that Facility Services is only open on weekdays. For vehicle pickup after normal business hours, please contact the ASU Police Department.

4. COMPLETE the transportation ticket, located in a book in the vehicle. The forms are designed to be self-explanatory, with a space for the mileage readings at the start and return of the trip, an area to list the destination, the department, and a signature line. The pickup and return dates are also important. Please print your name along side the signature.

The State gasoline card provided with the vehicle should be used for gas purchases, oil, and vehicle expenses whenever possible. When emergency automobile service is needed on a State vehicle, service may be obtained and the cost billed to the State - information on how to obtain service is included with the car. When an employee of the State pays for emergency automobile service, the claim for reimbursement must be included on the Travel Expense form with receipts and an explanation attached.