Travel Expense Form/Reimbursement

Travelers who have incurred business related expenses paid with personal funds can request reimbursement, upon return, by completing a Travel Expense form and sending it to the Accounting Office.

Expenses should be recorded on a per day basis. Please remember to include the time of departure and return, as these times are needed to determine what/if any meals are eligible for reimbursement.

Sign the form. The the most common reason expense forms are returned unpaid, is because has not been signed by the traveler.

Use your ASU ID number. Use of this number will keep your social security number private and make processing your travel expenses more efficient.

Include receipts for any expenses, other than allowed meals. Hotel receipts should be itemized. If there is any doubt as to whether a receipt is acceptable or not, please stop and see the Travel Compliance Designee.

The supervisor's signature is required if the expenses exceed the original budgeted amount shown on the Travel Request.

Indicate where you would like your reimbursement check sent (i.e., home address, office address, etc).

Double check the math - even though the form is in a spreadsheet format, sometimes things just don't add up correctly (especially if there are miscellaneous expenses listed). We can not make corrections to the expense form if it increases the reimbursement amount, so remember to double check.

Attach a copy of the conference brochure, training brochure, or other descriptive material, including the itinerary and list of classes and/or sessions you attended, if not sent prior with the travel request.

Submit the Travel Expense form within thirty days of your return. Processing time takes between 7-10 business days, once the expense form is received in the Accounting Office, as long as everything has been received and is complete.

Please keep a copy of the reimbursement form and receipts, for your records.

The newest Travel Expense Form is available on the Travel at ASU main page.