A Travel Request form is a complete summary of a trip. This form is required regardless of which Adams State funds will be expended for the trip even when there is no cost to the institution. While the charges may be estimates, it tells the who, where, and why’s of a trip.

The reasons for completing the Travel Request are to notify the supervisor about an absence, for budget approvals, and for insurance coverage for work related travel. The Travel Request form is now available on-line or in a two-part NCR format. Two-part NCR forms are available in the ASU Travel Office, RH 3-307. Four-part NCR forms will no longer be available.

A separate Travel Request form should be completed for each trip. The exception would be if the traveler is traveling to the same location, has the same purpose, and with the same/similar expenses expected for each trip, within a designated time frame. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, when approved by the Travel Compliance Designee in advance of any travel.

A separate Travel Request form is also required for each traveler. An exception would be if the trip is for a group, and one person is responsible for all of the charges. Each travelers’ name should be listed on the form or an attached page, for insurance purposes. A Travel Request should be on file for you, as an individual if you are expecting to be reimbursed for any portion of the trip.

If attending a meeting, conference, training, or seminar, please send a copy of the conference brochure/training brochure, web address, or other descriptive material, including the itinerary and list of classes and sessions you will be attending, along with the Travel Request. Indicate on the Travel Request what form of payment will be used to pay the registration fee, if there is one. Incomplete Travel Requests will be returned.

One day of travel is allowed prior to and after conference/training/meeting/teaching dates if travel cannot be done the day of events due to event schedules. It is permissible to fly out of airports other than Alamosa (Albuquerque, Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo). When a traveler is leaving DIA or ABQ and the flight is after 2 p.m. the traveler should leave that same day. If the flight is before 2 p.m. the traveler may leave the day before and receive lodging and per diem. This policy assumes that one day of travel is adequate time to travel using the most cost effective means of travel. If other means are used which extends the travel time, the additional days are personal days and not eligible for reimbursement. If travel is not able to be reasonably completed within one day, provide evidence to the CFO for approval of the employee staying overnight, due to road conditions, weather, safety considerations, or other extenuating circumstances, such as a stay greater than 6 nights (State Controller Policy, Section 7, ii). If extenuating circumstances are known in advance of travel, CFO approval must be obtained prior to the travel. This statement focuses on travelers living in Alamosa and traveling away for a temporary work function such as workshops, meetings conference or similar temporary work lasting less than 5 travel days. Travelers whose home residence is more than 500 mile away from Alamosa and a traveler’s temporary work environment lasts longer than 5 travel days will be allowed to take more than one day for travel to final temporary work location only if that mode of travel is by personal vehicle. The traveler will be allowed to receive reimbursement for lodging, work related mileage and meals with prior approval.

A blanket travel request is for travel within a specific area and travel dates within a specific time (monthly or fiscal year July 1 to June 30). Blanket requests are only to be used for the following expenses: 1) Mileage, 2) Parking (reasonable charges for parking), and/or 3) Approved business meals (excluding alcohol beverages and tobacco). A mileage log must be completed and attached to each travel reimbursement upon completion of blanket travel.

The Travel Request should be submitted to the Travel Office at least two weeks before traveling. Once the Travel Office receives the completed request form, it generally takes 2-3 working days to process, longer if additional signatures are required. If a state vehicle is requested, a copy of the form will be sent to Facility Services to confirm the trip. The original form will be kept in the Travel Office for reimbursement purposes, once all of the signatures have been obtained. The traveler should keep a copy of the Travel Request with them during the trip. This copy will be required if the traveler is using a state vehicle.

If there are any changes or cancellations to the Travel Request, please notify the Travel Compliance Designee by email.

Travel Expense forms and 2-part NCR Travel Requests are also available in the Accounting Office, RH 3-307.