College Opportunity Fund (COF) Information

The COF "stipend" is the amount of money per credit hour paid by the State of Colorado on behalf of an eligible undergraduate Colorado resident student who is attending a Colorado institution of higher education.

The COF stipend offsets an eligible student’s COF tuition assessment for the first 145 credits towards an undergraduate degree at any Colorado higher education institution on eligible courses. The stipend does not cover the student's share of in-state tuition. An institutional waiver for credits exceeding the 145-credit limit can be obtained through Academic Affairs at Adams State University.

COF does NOT apply to the following courses:

  • Courses taken for "no credit" or audit
  • International Baccalaureate courses
  • Advanced placement courses
  • Graduate courses
  • ASU Extended Studies courses, with the exception of online semester-based courses for eligible undergraduate Colorado resident students.

College Opportunity Fund stipend is paid directly to the Colorado institution(s) where the student is enrolled. The stipend will be applied and noted on the student account.

The stipend is not need-based or a grant and does not impact eligibility for student financial aid. Any financial aid received will be applied to the student's share of in-state tuition.