First Generation Students

First generation students often have conflicting feelings about succeeding in college. While they may be excited about new opportunities, they may feel guilty about pursuing them, especially as the first in their families. They may worry about how they will change or their families will see them differently. They possibly wonder how their peers seem to inherently know things which they do not – even just what questions to ask and of whom.

They often wonder if they really belong in college.

Additionally, their families may not know how to support them, though in truth without family support, they may not have gotten where they are now.

Understand your child may struggle with transitioning from high school to college and don't be afraid to develop relationships with the people on campus. They can direct you to resources to help your child succeed.

For your part, encourage your children to attend class and get to know their professors. If you've never had a discussion about time management and budgeting with your child, you should. Finally, be aware of the resources Adams State makes available to students.

Your child does belong here, and we are all invested in your child's success:

Student Support Services assists students in developing strategies for a successful transition.

The Mathematics Help Lab offers free tutoring for all math classes through Calculus II.

The Writing Studio provides trained tutors and faculty volunteers, as well as a variety of writing and grammar guides and computers to help students become better writers.