Advice for Parents

Letting Go...

Remember the first time your child rode his bicycle without training wheels? You probably held the back of the seat so he could feel secure while he found his balance, and then you let go.

College is a little like that. It can be difficult to let go in the midst of such a significant transition in your student's life, but it's also necessary. Consider this an opportunity to develop a new relationship with your child, who is moving into adulthood. This is her chance to test her decision making skills and develop confidence.

Tips for handling the transition:

Decide in advance when and how you'll communicate. Is a phone call every few days enough or would you prefer a weekly Skype date for a little face time? Remember your student will need time to adjust to his new routine and may not be able to text you daily. 

Understand this is also a transition for students and they may have issues arise they haven't had to deal with before. Be supportive but try to resist the urge to swoop in and rescue them. Encourage your students to utilize the multitude of resources we have available for them.

Student Privacy

Understand FERPA and what it means when you call us about your student.