CAMP Services for Students

students in lab

CAMP@ASU benefits and services are provided to eligible students to assist in developing the necessary skills for transitioning into Adams State University.

You may qualify for a full tuition/housing and fees scholarship for your first year. Let us determine your eligibility and get you started on your Adams State University education.

If you are NOT eligible for a full Pell Grant, ASU and CAMP will work with you to find alternative financial resources to pay for the outstanding college costs. Please note that out of state students may also incur additional costs due to their out of state status.

Other ASU support services include:

Academic Guidance:

  • Course selection and registration assistance
  • Academic skills development
  • Tutoring
  • Academic monitoring and follow-up
  • Career planning and development

Career Exploration:

  • Personalized career planning
  • Job/internship information
  • Job search skills development

Supportive Services:

  • Financial guidance and planning
  • Personal counseling
  • Health and wellness education
  • Integration into campus life

Intellectual and cultural enrichment:

  • Social and cultural exploration
  • Leadership development
  • Mentoring
  • Service learning opportunities