Get your ASU Email Account

Adams State University is partnering with Google to provide our alumni with email accounts. The use of an Adams State University "branded" alumni email account is provided to help ASU alumni maintain contact with one another.

Why use an ASU Alumni Email Account

  • If you change your email provider in the future (whether by changing employer, or Internet provider), your Alumni Account will remain the same. This is an email address that you can give to your friends and family, knowing that they can always contact you through this address.
  • It's important to use a professional email address when you contact employers, and professional colleague.
  • To simplify your email management: If you already have another email account and prefer to receive information there, you can forward your Alumni email to that account. You will never have to worry about losing email or having to tell all your contacts about an email address change. All messages sent to your address will be forwarded to your preferred mailbox, the virtual equivalent of postal mail forwarding.
  • Let others know that you are proud to be an ASU graduate.
  • To maintain a continuing relationship with the College and other alumni. By having an alumni email account, you will receive information about activities at the College, as well as information about reunions and get-togethers of former students.

ASU's alumni email account is hosted by Google, Inc and is subject to Google's Acceptable Use Policy along with ASU Acceptable Use Policy.

To sign up for your ASU alumni email, send your request to . Please include your address and year of graduation.