Community involvement and support are key to the future of Adams State, just as they were essential in the university's creation. When state funding was held up in 1924, people of the San Luis Valley stepped up with contributions to begin operation. Eighty-six years later, with no end of state budget cuts in sight, Adams State and its students are once again calling upon the generosity of our community to help us move forward.

Our students have already demonstrated their commitment to transforming the North Campus by adopting a ten-year student fee dedicated to finance this project. The Board of Trustees for Adams State University has committed college reserves to the Nielsen Library's Information Commons, a new synthetic turf football field, new furniture for student housing, and a new parking lot south of Plachy Hall. This dedicates more capital fee funds to student life areas. Now, we are asking individuals and organizations in our community to participate by supporting the community-oriented aspects of the project.

Creating a more appealing campus is part of our strategy to continue enrollment growth. By recruiting and retaining more students, we can increase tuition income. A larger student body bolsters the local economy both directly and through increased college expenditures. Every dollar spent by the college and its students generates $1.70 in the community. College construction projects likewise benefit San Luis Valley subcontractors and other businesses.


As a Regional Education Provider, Adams State's top priority is providing educational access, cultural enhancement, and economic development to rural southern Colorado, particularly the San Luis Valley.

These endeavors, like the college and community themselves, are interdependent. Investing now in college growth will help assure the future of Adams State and the entire San Luis Valley.