Events Management - Residence Halls

Stay on campus in a beautiful newly renovated Residence Halls while attending your conference, academic or athletic events. They are just minutes away from you event, whether your event is a sports camp or conference.

For more information or to make a reservation, please fill out our Rental Event Questionnaire and email to Bernadine Hostetter at

The residence halls are split into three main halls, Coronado, Girault, and Conour Halls. The main buildings for dorms are Coronado and Girault.

Girault Hall:

  • Girault is split into North and South Halls.
  • Girault features two occupancy rooms, two beds in each, with community hall style bathrooms.
Residence Halls - Girault Hall

Coronado Hall:

  • Coronado hall is split up into four sections, A B C and D.
  • Coronado features 4 person occupancy suites divided into two rooms with two beds in each room, included is a shared bathroom for the suites.
Residence Halls - Coronado Hall

Outside view of Residence Halls:

Residence Halls

For pricing and additional room options contact Berna Hostetter at 719-587-7232, or at