Minor in Coaching

The coaching minor in Kinesiology is designed for those who are not majoring in Kinesiology but would like to coach at the amateur level, including elementary, junior high, secondary, or post-secondary levels.

Degree Requirements

A minor in coaching consists of the following (Total 18 hours):

  • KIN 302: Sports Psychology (3 hours)
  • KIN 309: Care/Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3 hours)
  • KIN 350: Methods of Coaching (3 hours)
  • KIN 380: Diversity & Equity in Sport & Society (3 hours)
  • KIN 391: Sport Ethics & Leadership (3 hours)
  • KIN 480: Coaching Practicum (3 hours)

A coaching practicum is required for the minor. The practicum may be accomplished, with the approval of the department chair, by assisting with an elementary, junior or senior high school program, or with college sports program.

Completion of the practicum will qualify the individual for the Adams State University Coaching Certification. A prerequisite to the practicum is KIN 350 AND at least 10 hours in the coaching minor core.