Expectations & Responsibilities of High School Students

Transition tips for college

  • Take control of your own education; think of yourself as a scholar.
  • Get to know your professors; they are your single greatest resource
  • Be assertive. Create your own support systems, and seek help when you need it.
  • Take control of your time. Plan ahead to satisfy academic obligations.
  • Stretch yourself: enroll in at least one course that really changes you.
  • Make thoughtful decisions: don’t take a course just to satisfy a requirement.
  • Think twice before dropping a class; it could get fun.
  • Think beyond the moment: set goals for the semester, the year, and your college career.

Students are responsible for:

  • Ensuring they are properly registered for their desired courses at Adams State University in order to receive college credit. Students can contact ASU to confirm their registration if forms are submitted by high school teachers, counselors or administrators.
  • Consulting with their academic advisor at their intended college institution to determine if Adams State University credits will be accepted.
  • Obtaining their instructor or advisor's permission, in the event a college course cannot be finished, to officially drop or withdraw from the course. Students risk receiving a failing grade if an official drop or withdrawal is not processed for an unfinished course.
  • Acquiring official transcripts upon completion of a course.

Expectations of Students:

  • College-level classes require rigorous academic work and demand responsibility and maturity equal to that of a college student.
  • The contents of Adams State's courses are appropriate for college-level students. Some courses may discuss controversial cultural, religious, political and human sexuality issues.
  • High school students will be graded on a college-level grading standard. Late work will not be accepted unless prior arrangements with the instructor have been made. Such arrangements are at the instructor's discretion.
  • Students are expected to attend and participate in class regularly. Lack of attending/participation may affect course grades negatively.